Conguillo Tour Adela y Helmut Alojamiento Hotel Temuco - Cunco –Chile

The highest point in Conguillio National park is the active Llaima volcano. It´s at about 80 km distance as the crow flies from Temuco and about 40 kms from our guesthouse in Faja 16000 where you´ve a nice view at it. Its last bigger eruption started the first of January 2008, and was accompanied by a smoke column over a kilometer high and lava flows. The eruption lasted over a year From this time it´s altitude is listed with 3145 m, before the eruption it was 3125 m. The Llaima ascent requires good physical conditions and is an incomparable experience with an overwhelming outlook. Adela y Helmut organize for climber(s) experienced local mountain-guides, who make a safe ascent possible.

Conguillio National park has a southern entrance and a northern entrance. The southern entrance is reachable by car all year round.. When in summer the northern entrance opens again, it´s possible to start circuit around Llaima. To drive inside the park, you need a vehicle with high clearance, preferably 4WD. The circuit around Llaima requires at one point four-wheel-drive

Individual Tour into Conguillio National Park

Access is via Cunco and Melipeuco. Every excursion is different. It is designed individually according to the wishes, interests, the physical conditions of our visitors and the weather. Our objective is to transmit you the most possible impressions in one day, within your limits. We´re organizing over 20 years excursions into this park. It´s impossible and doesn´t make sense to walk all the paths of the 60.000 ha park in one day. That´s why you´ll make the decisions during de excursion, which sights you want to see and which paths you want to walk. In the park are the following possibilities.

TheTruful-Truful waterfall  and the impressive ashes layers of the Llaima volcano, which shows the Truful-Truful Cañon.

Following the path Las Vertientes you´re able to see different wells and waterflows

The green color of Laguna Verde is caused by a type of algae and is particularly intensive with the right sun position.

Laguna Arco Iris is the smallest lake of the park and got its name rainbow-lake because of the different colors appearing through the clear water. Without wind and on a clear day,

Llaima volcano is reflecting in the water´s surface. It´s possible to walk around the lake.

The path to Sierra Nevada requires a lot of time and is quite exhausting at least the first two hours. The lookout Mirador Los Condores recompenses the tiring ascent. From there you can see the whole Conguillio Lake with the beaches Playa Linda, Playa Curacautin and the Llaima volcano with Araucarias (monkey-puzzle-trees) in front. In summer you may swim in the lake.

On the circuit Las Araucarias you´ll see, why it got its name, Araucarias in all variations and a small water-fall.

The path Los Carpinteros leads, passing the largest Araucaria in the park (Araucaria-Madre), to Laguna Captrén. In this part of Conguillo National park you may hear and see the big carpenter-birds (Carpintero Negro).

Laguna Captrén is the lake with the biggest variety of birds in the park. You can surround it with an easy walk.

The circuit around Llaima volcano is the alternative for guests, who don´t like walking that much. It passes close to Las Araucarias ski-center. With clear weather you´re able to see as far as Temuco.