Guest house with hotel standards, cafeteria and backpacker between Temuco and National Park Conguillio

German-chilean hospitality and an outstanding service for individual travellers visiting Chile, offer Adela and Helmut with their cozy cafeteria, the comfortable Guesthouse and the Backpacker-accommodation. In the cafeteria rules a familiar atmosphere. The guesthouse is situated on the 25 hectar plot, about 400m from the Cafeteria. It offers comfort in a quiet location and a marvelous view to the active Llaima volcano. You may observe the Chilean sky, full of stars in its full splendor. We offers guided tours in the region.

For horse-lovers, we organize tame horses from our neighbors for unguided horse-trips.

Surroundings: Conguillio, Cunco, Temuco, Pucon, Villarrica, Lago Budi

Our guest-house is an ideal departure-point for daytrips and tours. It is placed in plain nature, away from the crowded tourist centers Pucon or Villarrica and far from the smog of the regions capital Temuco. This spots as well may be visited in an afternoon-tour.  Sportive guests appreciate ascent of the active Llaima volcano with licensed Spanish speaking guides.