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Our offer, for all those who are visiting Chile´s south
Live unspoiled nature in Conguillio National Park, with the active Llaima Volcano, or the natural reserve China Muerto with Truful Truful waterfalls. Enjoy the natural heat in one of the numerous hot-springs, or take an excursion to the pacific-ocean.
Some of our most popular tours you´ll find below.

Complete packages with pick up at Temuco airport, tours, food and accommodation

Our complete “all inclusive“ offers about guided tours in a 4-WD Vehicle,included an English-speaking guide, all meals and overnight-stays with private bathroom, transfers to/from Temuco. 1 participant in 4-WD Jeep, overnight-stays in single-room. Prices per person. 2 participants in 4-WD Jeep, overnight-stays in double-room. Prices per person. 3 participants in 4-WD Jeep, overnight-stays in double- and single-room. Prices per person 4 participants in 4-WD Jeep, overnight-stays in 2 double-rooms. Prices per person
3 days, 2 nights, 1 Tour (A) 0 day to rest 506.000 CLP 308.000 CLP 271.000 CLP 270.000 CLP
4 days 3 nights 2Tours (A+C)0 day to rest 894.000 CLP 551.000 CLP 481.000 CLP 480.000 CLP
5 days 4 nights 3 Tours (A+C+B)0 day to rest 1.229.000 CLP 742.000 CLP 644.000 CLP 643.000 CLP
6 days 5 nights 4 Tours (A+C+B+H) 0 days to rest 1.328.000 CLP 814.000 CLP 696.000 CLP 695.000 CLP

Half-board offers for visitors with a rented car

Half board per person, staying in: Single Apartment Double Apartment Apartment 4 persons in 2 double-rooms
3 days 2 nights, overnight-stays + half board 141.000 CLP 97.000 CLP 89.000 CLP
4 days 3 nights, overnight-stays + half board 212.000 CLP 145.000 CLP 133.000 CLP
5 days 4 nights, overnight-stays + half board 280.000 CLP 190.000 CLP 175.000 CLP
6 days 5 nights, overnight-stays + half board 343.000 CLP 232.000 CLP 213.000 CLP

Booking our complete offers, we request an advanced transfer of 30 % of the total amount to our account. The remaining rest will be due at the end of the program, by electronic deposit to our account or in cash.

ATMs for most credit cards are available in Temuco and Padre-Las-Casas. Maximum sum for withdrawals from the ATM with non chilean credit cards is 200.000 CLP/day. Few offer more.

For the interests of our visitors we do not receive credit cards, meanwhile el chilean monopolist for all credit cards "Transbank" won´t modify its conditions, penalty-charges for foreigners and the amount of charged interests using foreign credit cards.

Tour A: Walking and picnic in Conguillio National Park

We drive to the entrance-gate of Conguillio National Park, one of Chile’s most beautiful parks. After the registration we do a small hike/walk to the waterfalls. Passing by lava-fields, we admire lakes and lagoons with iridescent colors, primeval forests, with 1000 years-old Araucarias (Monkey-Puzzle-Tree) and other trees and springs. According to your mood, physical and/or climatic conditions we go for more hikes or walks and consume then our picnic. After our return we have a rich dinner at Adela y Helmut.


Tour B: To the Pacific, Pto. Saavedra and Moncúl-River

Passing by Temuco and Nuevo Imperial we arrive at Carahue. Many steam-machines are exposed in an open-air museum. They served as motors for harvesting- and other agricultural machines in the beginning of the 20th century. Along the river Imperial and across the coastal mountains, we cross the Moncul river to a sandbank with a nice beach. We pass through the small fisher-town Puerto Saavedra, walk a little bit on the black sandy beach, close to Boca Budi and taste some seafood or fish. Only people, who don’t mind the chilly water will have a swim in the pacific. Crossing the peninsula Huapi, we may see many black-necked swans on the lake Budi. We return on the other side of the river Imperial, pass through Padre las Casas, and have dinner at Adela y Helmut.

Tour C: Wellness day in the Geométricas thermal-springs

Via Villarica we reach the lake Calafquén and following the shore to Coñaripe. Leaving the asphalted road, we wind us up a narrow road between forests and rocks, until we reach the thermal-springs. Here we find some wooden houses with grass covered roofs and numerous clean thermal pools, built directly in the rocks. The whole complex is developed by wooden footbridges, over a river. An unforgettable experience. Before we head back, we eat our snack. A quick city tour shows us Villarrica's markets. Adela awaits us for dinner


Tour D: Geopark Kütralkura, surrounding the Llaima, reaching the Lonquimay-Volcano.

It’s a longer ride through the UNESCO Geopark Kütralkura, but the impressive views make it worth doing it. It’s described by many travel guides. Passing through Melipeuco we are ascending by gravel-road up to Icalma Lake, crossing an extensive Araukaria-forest (Monkey Puzzle Trees). On our right side slides Galletue Lake and we can see in the distance the Lonquimay volcano. Some hundred meters from the volcano we are delighted by the views over the Andean mountains and volcanoes. Returning on paved roads we will get home at dinner time to Adela.


Tour E: Take a rustic bath in the thermal springs of Rio Blanco

Passing through Cunco, we drive South. After crossing the river Allipén we leave the asphalted road and reach the western shore of lake Colico. We continue our trip along the rocky coast and reach later on the lake Carburgua. We have lovely outlooks on the volcano Villarica. We wind up the narrow road, crossing rocks and almost native primeval forest, until we arrive at the thermal baths. There we have a look at the appearing of the hot water from the rocky soil. You may choose one of the rustic outdoor-pools, depending on your temperature-desire, for having a bath. There we have our picnic, before we turn back for having dinner at Adela and Helmut.


Tour F: Climbing the active volcano Llaima with mountain-guides

Early in the morning you meet the certified mountain guides in Cunco, where they distribute the mountain-equipment. A last check and you head for the starting point of the tour. With the leading-guide in front, and the security-guide on the rear, you climb upwards, crossing lava and snowfields. You stop several times to regenerate yourself and for taking photos. The Araucanian landscape with their scenery of volcanoes and lakes to your feet, you have marvelous outlooks. From the edge of the crater, you see in the eye of the giant. The descent doesn’t take that much time, not only because Adela is waiting for you with a rich dinner. Attention: The ascent is suitable only for our athletic guests with good physical condition. Total trekking time is in between 6 and 10 hours. There are other trekking routes, with different attractions and for several days as well.

Tour H: To the glacier in the crater of the sleeping volcano Sollipulli.

It’s a nice day tour, the excursion to Sollipulli. Yet the scenery to the entrance of the trekking “Chufquén“ is an experience, which requires a vehicle with high clearance, or better four-wheel-drive. From there it’s a 3,5 hours hike for experienced mountain-trekkers in good physical conditions, to the top of the viewing-point. From the summit You see the glacier with 5 km diameter and condors. Return will take 2 hours. If You like it not that exhausting, park Your vehicle at the domes (3 km) and walk a kilometer along the river, through a Monkey-Puzzle-Tree forest until You arrive at the warm springs at the river-shore, to refresh Yourself.


Tour I: To the Torre Cochor-Lagoons

It’s a nice day tour, for early risers. Yet the scenery passing by Colico and Caburga-Lake offers many great impressions and views. From the entrance-point it’s a 3,5 hours hike for experienced hikers in good physical conditions, to the top of the Cochor-Tower. After 10 minutes light descent you reach the first Cochor-Lagoon, where the Sollipulli summits are reflected in the lagoon (don´t forget your bathing-suit). Return will take 2 hours. If You want to soak afterwards in a thermal spring, take the detour to Rio-Blanco Hot Springs (Tour E).


We also recommend inexpensive accommodations in other regions of Chile. If you like, we may give you a hand with the reservation of boat trips or flights to San-Rafael-Glacier or to Patagonia
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